Non-smoking hotel
Hotel Icefiord has since January 1st 2008 been a non-smoking hotel. This apply to both rooms and common areas. Thus, it is only allowed to smoke outside.

Cosy atmosphere in the 1st row
In new and modern surroundings the guests of Hotel Icefiord can expect a friendly and obliging service. We aim to provide all our guests with a high level of service and personal engagement.

Beside our comfortable rooms the guests in Hotel Icefiord have the opportunity to relax and enjoy our new lounge area. On cold days we light a fire in the fireplace. It is possible to enter game activities with family and friends, or merely enjoy a quiet hour with a book or news paper in front of the fire.

Internet Café
In cooperation with Tele Greenland Hotel Icefiord has established an internet café with 2 computers. Internet access of 30, 60 or 120 minutes can be bought in the reception. Food and drinks are not allowed in the internet café.