• Icefiord’s smoked salmon
    with fresh salad and sour cream
    105,- DKK
    Fried scallops
    served with salad and mustard creme
    105,- DKK
    Steam halibut
    with teriyaki sauce
    105,- DKK
    Homemade springrolls
    with sweet chili sauce
    105,- DKK
    Icefiord’s carpaccio
    of smoked musk
    105,- DKK
    Greenland shrimp cocktail
    105,- DKK

  • Todays Fisk
    Please ask the waitress
    210,- DKK
    Greenlandic plate
    with a selection of specialities
    275,- DKK
    Steak of musk
    served with garnish, Pommes Anna and sauce of crowberries
    225,- DKK
    Steak of fin whale
    Served with fried onions and potatoes
    225,- DKK
    Steak of reindeer
    served with garnish, pommes croquette and estragon sauce
    225,- DKK
    Fried lam
    served with creme potatoes and redwine sauce
    220,- DKK
    served with salad and baked potato
    225,- DKK

  • Fried beef
    with onions, mushrooms, chilli and oyster sauce
    155,- DKK
    Fried chicken
    with vegetables from the season and cashew nuts
    155,- DKK
    Fried fish
    with coconut milk, chilli paste and lemon leaves
    155,- DKK
    Pad Thai (fried rice noodles)
    with chicken or Greenlandic shrimps and vegetables
    155,- DKK

    All meals are served with rice – except Pad Thai which are fried rice noodles.
  • Mixed fresh salad
    95,- DKK
    Pad Thai with fried vegetables and eggs
    145,- DKK
    Red Curry with mixed vegetables and potatoes
    145,- DKK

  • Fish filet from Halibut
    served with french fries and remoulade
    95,- DKK
    Pasta Bolognese
    Pasta with meat sauce
    85,- DKK
    Chicken nuggets
    with french fries
    95,- DKK
    If you have any other requests please ask the waitres

  • Pancakes
    served with ice cream
    85,- DKK
    Chrunchy nut basket
    served with chocolate- and strawberry icecream
    95,- DKK
    Cake of the day
    Please ask the waiter
    60,- DKK
    Crowberrie trilogy
    105,- DKK
    Greenlandic Coffée
    125,- DKK
    Irish Coffée
    75,- DKK